Can We Be Successful in This World Using Spiritual Principles?

The wealth of ancient India was legendary. Centuries ago, the earliest visitors wrote of being served luxurious meals on golden plates. Afterwards, the dishes were simply thrown into the Ganges, such was the wealth of the country.

India’s wealth came about because of its understanding of the spiritual principles that give man dominance over the material world.

But the riches of India proved an irresistible temptation to the rest of the world. England took over and systematically began to empty the country. The precious jewels embedded in the walls of the Taj Mahal are now part of the British crown jewels. England became the wealthiest nation on earth and India became one of the most impoverished. Hardly a coincidence.

The widespread understanding of yogic principles that sustained India for millennia became a closely guarded secret. It was not something the English understood, or had the spiritual right to access. While India endured its period of negative karma, the teachings were kept safely hidden by true masters of yoga.

Now the time of suffering is past. The British rule ended a half-century ago, and India is on the rise. At the same time, the secrets of yogic power are being revealed and widely dispersed.

The rise of India is a grand adventure story that Paramhansa Yogananda tells in Autobiography of a Yogi. It is the story of how Lahiri Mahasaya received initiation from his guru, Babaji, in the Himalayas. But instead of keeping his disciple with him in the mountains, Babaji sent him back to his home in Varanasi with instructions to teach Kriya Yoga to all who sincerely sought its liberating power.

These events marked the beginning of a new era when the deep spiritual teachings of India would be available to sincere seekers everywhere.

Access to the inner divine force gives us mastery over the manifestations of Spirit, including the material world. This is the basis for the “Law of Miracles” which Yogananda explains in a thrilling chapter of his autobiography. Saints and masters can easily rearrange the structure of creation at will – they can walk on water, raise the dead, and feed multitudes.

Swami Kriyananda incorporated these ancient truths, hidden for centuries in the Himalayas, in a course called Material Success Through Yogic Principles. He wrote the course from a concern to help India discover how to us yoga principles of energy-control to solve the practical problem of earning a living in this world.

At the launch of the course in India, someone asked Swamiji how his course compared to a course by a well-known American teacher named Tony Robbins.

Swamiji replied simply: “I am the disciple of a great Master.”

It was an interesting comment. And it reveals volumes about the spiritual content of the course. When people write lessons on material success, they generally write from their understanding of how to manipulate the material plane. And of course there are many ways to navigate the material plane using material methods. But to influence the material plane from the spiritual level gives possibilities of success and prosperity that are literally undreamed-of to people who operate from more mundane levels of consciousness.

Swamiji suggested that people gather in groups of up to ten people and make copies from one set of the lessons. If you are interested in learning about these ideas, you can find information on this page.

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