How Can I Be True to My Ideals in This Modern, Matter-Obsessed World?


I have an intense longing for truth, and I try to live life based on the principles taught by the masters. However, in the modern society, idealists like me are perceived as mentally abnormal! It is so hard to live each day being bombarded by sex, violence, and lack of empathy in people! What can I do to be at peace? By the way, I meditate daily.


Yes, our modern materialistic society is not supportive of a spiritual way of life. And, yes, this is inconvenient and a challenge to the dedicated truthseeker.

But “there will always be something!” What we seek is a pearl of great price, and naturally there are obstacles to overcome before it will be ours.

If we cannot control our outer environment, we must redouble our efforts to control and direct our inner awareness according to our ideals.

Try to create an uplifting environment for yourself, as much as you are able. Your home, your room, your companions, the music and entertainment you bring in, how you spend your leisure time — with some discipline, a strong desire, and by asking for God’s help, you can carve out a way of life that is more conducive to your spiritual growth.

Do you live near a spiritual community? On you can read about the Ananda retreat and community in Pune, classes and spiritual gatherings offered in various cities by the Ananda monks and nuns.

Above all, pray unceasingly to God and the Masters to give you what you inspiration, teaching, companionship, and a supportive environment to live by your spiritual aspirations.

May God bless you and guide you in your search and bring you speedily back to your true home in Him.


Nayaswami Asha

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