Meditating Deeply Can Change Your Consciousness — and Your Future


Dear Ashaji,

One person says that meditation doesn’t solve your problems, but helps relax body and mind so that we can function better in the world.

Then others says that meditation is very powerful and can change our lives.

I practice Kriya Yoga, and I’ve been told that it can change my karma, affecting future events in my life and ultimately my destiny. I am a little confused.

Jai Guru!



Dear M:

The word “meditation” has no specific meaning in English. Thus it is commonly used to describe many practices. So if you ask people what the benefits of meditation are, their answers will depend on the techniques they practice and their skill in practicing them.

Some meditation techniques promise only a concentrated mind and a relaxed body. Others are focused on “manifesting” material success. Kriya Yoga, by contrast, is a technique that leads the meditating devotee to God-realization.

On the way to God, all your other problems will also be solved. The great master Lahiri Mahasaya would usually tell devotees who came to him with problems, “Do more Kriya.”

Kriya Yoga dissolves the vrittis (whirlpools) of hidden karma in the spine. Your life and consciousness are determined by those vrittis. As Kriya practice releases them, everything about your life will change.

That’s why some people say, “Don’t worry about anything – just meditate.”

This is true advice if you meditate with sufficient energy and concentration, and if the technique you are using is subtle enough to change the karmic pattern in the spine.

As for what you should concentrate on, I suggest you concentrate on devotion.

When you meditate, focus at the spiritual eye and try to feel your consciousness merging at that point with the divine ray that flows through God and your guru. Then ask them to guide your practice.

It is natural to talk with friends about your spiritual practices. But as you have found, their opinions will vary and they won’t always agree. So you’d be wise to ask for the advice of those who have experience helping others on the path you are following.

And, of course, “go to the source.” What does your guru say? What do the scriptures say? Each time I read the chapters on Kriya Yoga in books by my Guru Paramhansa Yogananda and my teacher Swami Kriyananda, a fresh understanding comes.

The words on the page don’t change, but my ability to receive the wisdom behind them seems to expand as the years go by – by the grace of God! I consider this yet Another proof that Kriya does work.

Blessings on your practice.

In divine friendship,

Nayaswami Asha

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