Asha on Relationships — A Six-Part Series

A series of six posts on relationships, based on a workshop that Asha gave in 1999.

The chapters total 93 pages. You can download a PDF of the entire series here: relationships-complete


Asha no longer gives workshops on relationships, nor does she give relationships counseling. If you need help and are associated with Ananda, please consult your local minister. Asha’s present calling does not allow her to provide counseling specifically on relationships issues. PLEASE, do not email her or otherwise contact her with relationships questions! Thank you!

Part 1: The Perfect Relationship — What Are We Looking For Really?

Part 2: New Forms for Partners — Relationships in the Dawning Age of Energy

Part 3: Balancing Our Energies — Yin and Yang

Part 4: The Perfect Partner — Jesus Christ or Someone Like Us?

Part 5: Joy Loves Company — Finding Happiness Together

Part 6: How Communication Happens — Making Heart Connections

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